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Can you take phentermine while on levo-thyroxine?

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Marvell 4 Sep 2009

Did you mean Phentermine with Levothyroxine?

Yes, it is fine to take Phentermine and levothyroxine together. There are no known interactions between these medicines, however, it does not mean no interactions exist. If you have any bothersome symptoms please see your doctor.

Rock Chick 23 Aug 2011

I was told it was okay but then 8 days after start taking phentermine I had my thyroid numbers tested and my numbers were up. Most likely due to the phentermine as the lady doctor I saw that ordered the blood work that I hadnt seen before said its basically a legal form of speed. I was like oh great. I guess there is a lot of meds and vitamins us who take levothyroxine and synthroid cant take cuz of the mild to moderate to serious interactions. I would recommend going to a thyroid specialist and checking with doctor again. free discount card

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