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Can you take hydroco/apap while using the fentanyl patch?

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marjorie zych 1 Nov 2010

Yes but only with doctor supervision. It is common to still have breakthrough pain while on the patch so if it is cleared by your doctor it is o.k. in small infrequent doses as needed. Hope this info is helpful for you, marjorie zych

C Casey 1 Nov 2010

I was given oxycoc/apap for the break thru pain, but I have been taking hydrocod/apap for many years. I guess I'm just in a little fear of these changes - to the patch and a new pill.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

marjorie zych 2 Nov 2010

Carol, hope you are feeling better soon take care, marjorie zych

C Casey 2 Nov 2010

Thanks for your good wishes. I'm still hesitating to put that patch on! Now worry about having a glass of white wine with ice - which we usually do while dinner is cooking. This has never had any ill effects when taking the hydrocodone, but not sure about this new med.
Appreciate your taking the time to answer my (probably) silly questions. I've just always been a little fearful of drugs.
Have a good day!

marjorie zych 2 Nov 2010

Don't worry about having a silly question because no question is silly if it is concerning to you. please feel free to ask anything. It is good in a way to some extent to be fearful of meds it keeps you safe a long as you don't go overboard and not take anything the doctor gives you some meds are o.k. to be fearful of especially narcotics and benzos. Take care and ask away anytime, marjorie zych Don't stay in pain but be careful. free discount card

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