i have been taking fertilaid for women and fertilCM for a month and a couple days now. it knocked my period on in the first couple days of taking it! i was so excited to see my period. its supposed to come on again today but we will see! i want to get pregnant now but im trying to be patient!!! its not his sperm he got two children already so it have to be me... we been trying for a year now,my aunt told me about geritol last night, she said you can get pregnant in a month! i dont know how true that is but i just want to know will it be a safe thing to do if i continue using fertilaid for women and fertilCM and start taking geritol? i cant get none of the test done they are tooo expensive and my insurance dont pay for fertility... all i want to know is can i get pregnant and carry my baby and he or she come out healthy or what should i do?