My husband has been taking benzo's for over a year now, I don't remember when they were first prescribed. They were prescribed for anxiety. He started taking lorazepam, but was eventually switched to valium. He was taking 3 pills a day. He was switched because he was having seizures when he'd forget to take the lorazepam and they thought he'd do better with a longer acting benzo. However, he still has seizures with the valium. We thought it had to do with alcohol consumption but he has been sober now for 30+ days. He hadn't had a seizure that entire time and was trying to get off the valium. He cut down to 2.5 pills a day and was fine for a week and a half. Until now. He's had 2 seizures this week. He never had a history of seizures before taking the meds, and has had a brain scan that was fine. Can he look into anti-seizure meds while coming off the benzo, or will he have to wean off of that too?? We are so exhausted with this and it scares me to death as we have 2 young children, one being a newborn.