I have been in and out of pain mgmnt. for about four years now. At one point this last year, my insurance stopped. I knew I was in trouble because I had developed a dependency and I was in pain. I hace RA, DDD, Fibromyalgia, bursitis, nerve damage and a four-year old boy,lol. Anyway, I decided to go to an outpatient methadone clinic. I've never been to anything like this before. I was never on the streets ect. So, right now it been about 7 months since i started going there. They still don't have my dose right. Apparently I burn it off very fast. I am up to 150 mg every day and go through withdrawls about 3-4 hours later. They do blood tests and have regulations before I can increase my dose. Its a lenghthy, annoying, very expensive treatment and I am still in pain and sick. So now, I have insurance. I've got excepted to a new PM group, thank God. My fear is how to I tell them this? Should I? Can I just switch from methadone to whatever they give me? Usually I start out low at these places (or they start me out low) with darvocet 5 or lortab 5. Ive been on some other heavier things before though.Can someone help me out there and give me some advice? I have anyone to ask?