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Can you suggest me a drug to keep me awake?

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Inactive 5 Sep 2010

I believe the best you can do is make a doctor´s appointment and ask him or her, is for your own personal safety.- Regarding benefits, warnings and precautions, side effects and allergies, etc...

Take care.

Inactive 6 Sep 2010

Excellent answer two thumbs up :) maso you make me so proud.

Inactive 7 Sep 2010

You do too, I really mean it.-

jk13 7 Sep 2010

maso4169 is absolutely correct on this, however, I would bring Nuvigil up when you see your doctor. It's one of the few meds out there who's only purpose is to keep you awake - not for ADD, just for irregular work shifts, daytime sleepiness, and narcolepsy. Some of the other stimulants can be a bit severe, and a bit much. It is also known to not be tolerance forming, which is a big deal in comparison to some of the older stimulants.

Inactive 7 Sep 2010

Good one jk

htwooh 7 Sep 2010

Nuvigal is a rather new drug being used for this reason and others. Many people addicted to speed or methamphetamines are starting to use it as a substitute for the illicit drug. It is a bit like suboxone as a replacement for opiates so people will not have to sleep thru their first wek of withdrawal. I didn't think this was your reason for the question but the drug use to be expensive and it just recently came out a generic so more people are starting to use it.

subzero58 7 Sep 2010

Hi AmirH,for the life of me i cant understand why a person would want to stay awake more then 18-20 at a time.when i need to stay awake coffee works for me...

jk13 8 Sep 2010

I'm sorry, I'm not sure where the 18 to 20 hours is coming from? I'm a little confused... free discount card

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