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Can you suffer from postpartum after an abortion?

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dannypoo 29 May 2010

Well postpartum depression usually happens after giving birth to the baby, having an abortion is a hard thing to deal with even though it might seem like the right thing to do at the time, but of course if you regret your decision than of course it is possible to become depressed. Look I want to respond to this post in a personal way to actually help give advice, I have 3 friends who have had an abortion, and 2 of them had 2 abortions each. To be 100% honest of course they felt bad and were upset after it was done but they knew for themselves having the abortion was the right choice for them so eventually the sad feelings went away, they never regretted their decision just wished they could have gotten pregnant at a better point in their life.

fall queen 29 May 2010

JadenBo8, absolutley! I do not know if itis called post partum but a woman's body starts to go through hormonal changes the first few weeks she is pregnant. In fact I would say that a woman would suffer depression on many levels, the removal of a viable fetus from the womb is immediate, therefore the body is even less ready for the change back to it's "unpregnant" state. With a full term pregnancy the body and the mind begin to ready themselves. I am quite sure the decision is very difficult, and all the what ifs... I think this women (hope) thought long and hard before going through with the abortion. That adds stress. My opinion is if this was the right decision for everyone involved that the woman should be allowed adaquate time to recover mentally, physically and spiritually have some alone time and a litle extra TLC Hope she feels better Fall Queen

christineATU 29 May 2010

This is why I love you so much as a friend. Your down to earth answers are very comforting and you have a way of making people feel better. Whatever the situation is, you always remain calm and collect your thoughts before you give an answer. You have taught me so much.

fall queen 29 May 2010

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VannyD 30 May 2010

Any time you experience a birth, miscarriage,or in this case, abortion, your body goes through a series of changes, hormonal, as well as other ways, so yes I would say that it is possible to experience postpartum after an abortion. Hope this helps. free discount card

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