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Can you still carry on daily routine including working a job?

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Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Hi pamelabrigman,
Could you please add more info to your question? To answer you, we just need to know what medications you are taking, or trying to quit taking.
Just hit the comment option and post away, I will see it, as will others, and we can try to answer you.
Best wishes!!

pameladbrigman 16 Nov 2011

i am taking four hundred mg of gleevec daily for chronic myleogeninus leukemia and i feel bad everyday wanted to know if gleevec makes you feel tired and nausea

pameladbrigman 16 Nov 2011

left out part of question wanted to know with taking the gleevec 400 mg once a daily should i still be able to work daily and do routine things daily

Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Hello pameladbrigman. Reading up on gleevec, and the normal, common, side effects, and your dose being 400mg, I would hope for you yes. You might try, and if the some of the side effects are unbearable for you, then you could stop. On top of the page is a search engine, just enter gleevec, then the following page, click on side effects. It will give you an indepth read to the common, as well adverse ones. Wishing you the very best, free discount card

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