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Can you shoot up oxycodone tablets the yellow ones ?

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IhearttheOcean 29 May 2010

Idk about shooting up some tylenol. I certainly wouldnt do it

christineATU 29 May 2010

It has too many harmful ingredients, including talc that causes lung disease. It's also harmful to your veins and heart.

fall queen 30 May 2010

chopper69, You can shoot up almost anything, if you miss the vien, you will abcess, get an infection, and even possibliy lose a hand or arm. Yes, its called amputation for an infection that can't be put under control. Yes, Christine is very right about ruining you viens, you might need them for an emergency someday and the ER people won't be able to find one that isn't blown out. You most certainly can overdose, as the drugs is in your boodstream in less than 60 seconds. The different colors on the coating of the drug you want to shoot eventually rises to the surface of the skin..forever not to mention track marks. That's my answer, my guess is you don't want MY opinion, because it is all too obvoius that yiu just want to get high and the only pain you have is in my A!!! Say your prayers and put your medicine in your mouth. Do not run off some "hoodsie" remark to me either because I know from experience not guesses. Fall Queen

christineATU 31 May 2010

YO, ET..Good answer... free discount card

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