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Can you remove a fentanyl patch for sunbathing and how should you store it?

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meggieprice 17 Jun 2010

My experience is that once you remove it you wont be able to get it to adhere again. This experience is very recent- last night ; - ) Though my Mylan patches are quite good re: sticking well, I noticed last night after water aerobics that it had a bubble crease down the middle. I attenpted to remove half of it in order to smooth it flat as the only other time that happened I stopped receiving good pain relief. Well, it then would not stick at all. I did not have an approved shield to put over it so I tried regular bandage tape and immediately got a surge of medication that was quite uncomfortable. I ended up having to remove it a day early and put a new one on.

I would love a solution as I do occasionally end up at the beach!

heckmuck 22 Jun 2010

You definately can't take it off. It will not stick again. I stay outdoors a lot, and I am on the 25mcg patch. I always put mine on the "flank" area, and wear a "tankini" so that it stays covered. I have had no problems at all with getting too much medicine. I even went fishing two weeks ago from 7am to 8pm, and didn't have any problems at all. So, that would be my advice to you. All you can do is try! I put it on the flank area originally because it seems to stick better there. Then, when I was outside all day, I noticed that since it was covered, I didn't have problems with the medication. Good Luck, and please let us know how it goes for you! : - ) free discount card

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