I was finally awarded my disability yesterday March 12 after filing Octorber 2007.This is what I have leaned along the way that I hope may help.Try it on your own the first time and when you get turned down don't get discouraged because this is usually the norm. Then you appeal it and they send you more and more paper work to fill out. At this time I still did everylthing myself then I was turned down a second time. Thats when I hired a lawyer in January of 2009. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS GETTING LETTERS FROM ANY DOCTOR YOU SEE ON A REGULAR BASIS. MEDICAL OR MENTAL AND GET THEM TO TYPE YOU A LETTER SAYING YOU ARE UNABLE TO WORK. THE JUDGE NEVER ASK ONE WORD ABOUT MY MENTAL HEALTH JUST PHYSICAL HEALTH. MY MEDICAL DOCTOR WROTE TO PROOVE I WAS NOT ABLE TO STAND OR SIT ANY LENGTH OF TIME OR UNABLE TO PICK UP NO MORE THAN 10 LBS UP FROM THE FLOOR. OR DOING ANY SUBSTANIAL WORK. I was told I would not know my verdict for at least 2 weeks up to 4 weeks. But the judge actually told me right then that he was granting me for disablity. Just remember what I have stated you must have the letters from the doctors.

Hope this helps