... in southern PA. I had Chiari Malformation correction surgery in York, Pa in 05/2008. Then in 04/09 I a resection of first and cervical ribs that was supposed to relieve TOS related symptoms - this surgery was at Johns Hopkins.

As for the problem - I am in much worse pain than I ever have been, physical therapy is a disaster (back at week #4!!! ) and now 7 months out of surgery. I cannot find a doctor who will even tell me what to do next, prescribe and kind of med and have been refused by more doctors than I can count. I can't make any headway with Hopkins - and frankly the constant 24/7 pain is killing me. I have been in constant brain-numbing pain for over a year now and I can't find anyone to help. All of my local pain management specialists refuse my case as it is "too advanced". Can someone - anyone - help? I can't keep living like this. My right arm is now in a sling all day, I can't sleep, focus or eat. Basically - I need to get the pain under control and people just keep turning me away. Can anyone help me?

This is my last resort in a sense - so any help, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated. I can't live like this anymore