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Can you have surgery from having disc degenerative disease?

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mpvt 16 Feb 2010

yes, if you have a herniation pressing on a nerve then they can usually go in and shave it off. Exercise and staying at a healthy weight are critical with this problem... Dave

JACQUELYNN 17 Jan 2011

I have had degenerative disc disease for over 7 years! I had one surgery about 3 years into it, and it didn't take! I hurt worse now than I did before the surgery! Now the Dr. wants to fuse 2 disc together, and this is considered a major surgery! I'm not sure I want to go thru another surgery! But, yes there are certain things they can do for this disease! The question for me is if it's going to help or just make it worse! I get neverous just thinking about it! free discount card

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