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Can you go to AA meetings and be considered sober if you are taking suboxone?

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Inactive 11 Jan 2012

YES, you are sober while on suboxone. I have seen others argue the point, but my addiction therapist said yes, indeed, you are sober on subs and 2 other specialists also said yes. Now some in AA will argue with that, but they aren't addiction therapists or professionals, and sometimes it is better not to tell you are on it at the meetings as there can be some real know it alls who will say avoid meds while in your battle, including antidepressants or other meds that might really help you specifically. Some AA members could are less, but those who consider themselves real AA purists will get loud about medication being avoided, and your mental health habits shouldn'tbe under their scrutiny. Congrats on sobriety! Patti

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mbackpain 12 Jan 2012

wow, thank you for answering my very first question ... I just joined!! Meant a lot to me. Thank you

Inactive 12 Jan 2012

When I went to my first A.A. Meeting,my head was spinning!I had just got out of rehab.and all I wanted was to stay sober.I heard every opinion on antidepressants to ice cream with alcohol in just keep going don't look back,don't judge,you do it the way it keeps you sober.Don't get me wrong A.A. Is my life but after 22 years I know if you don't pick up another drink 1 day at a time you are working your program.If you feel you are uncomfortable with your meeting try another- if you are new,if you belong to a group and you have a sposor now -talk it out with her,if you need to get some extra therapy.But never let someone elses opinion get in the way of your sobriety,be proud,be honest,and keep it real.Criss

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runnermom56 12 Jan 2012

IMHO Yes! You are sober while on sub! What a great job on turning your life around. I know there will always be ppl who disagree but you need to do what works for you and keep your eyes on the prize! If an AA meeting doesn't sit right with yu, you can always come to this support group. We won't judge you. I found more support here than I ever did at a meeting..but that's just me.

mbackpain 12 Jan 2012

Aww how sweet of you. Wait so this website is actually an AA meeting or an actual support group here as well?? Would typing here online be considered a meeting because I would much rather do that than go to those meetings. I'm actually trying to come off of the suboxone now. I have been on it for over two years. I'm having trouble staying with four mg for some reason. I mean I can't go lower no matter how good or bad I feel.

Inactive 13 Jan 2012

No this is really not considered an A.A.meeting but if you have some time it is the best support group,more talk the better,hugs,c

kittycatgirl2 12 Jan 2012

I have heard that most people in na and aa meetings do not consider suboxone being sober, but if they dont find one that does.

lady from T.O. 13 Jan 2012

Even if you get some negative responses, don't let that hinder your progress. This is YOUR journey and no one needs to be telling you should or shouldn't be on suboxone.

good luck,

Memorychris 15 Jan 2012

I felt the same way attending NA while on Suboxone. I felt like a cheater watching others in pain while I wasn't and knowing they were wanting what I have. Just as I looked on and wanted what long tome goers had in the past when I went and sat in the back all dope sick from Methdaone. I'm in moderate withdrawals right now from Suboxone. Stopped two days after Christmas and still feel a bit down and low energy... legs at night... insomnia... yadda yadda. But whatever. My point is... just like someone said above me... we all gotta do what we gotta do and how we gotta do it! Suboxone saved my life and my daughters. I'm scared right now but also looking forward to waking up feeling awesome with no need for anything besides maybe a cup of joe! So you do you! Keep up the good work:0)

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Memorychris 15 Jan 2012

And by my daughters I mean I'm a mommy and now feel like a much better one. So maybe not saved her life but I've made it a whole lot better!

mbackpain 16 Jan 2012

Yeah, I agree with the people that tell me I should be off the suboxone. Why should all the other people in the AA meeting have to sit there without a little kick like suboxone... I mean I know for sure no matter what anynoe says that when I take it I still feel a little high. Thanks for taking the time to respond and I hope one day I can be off and living a normal life like you!!

troubled man 19 Jan 2012

you can go to A.A. meetings or N.A. meetings while you are taking suboxone because as i was told that the only requiement is a desire to stop drinking or drugging the key word is the desire to stop. have a great day good job going to the meetings to get help.

Inactive 19 Jan 2012

Excellent point troubled man. It won't let me hit comment and give you a thumbs up, so i will type that out. Excellent point, my friend and thumbs up. Patti

troubled man 20 Jan 2012

thanks for the thumps up patti. i have been listening to you and other folks here on this forum because you guys have really helped me out so getting the thumbs uo from you with all your great info about doing other things besides taking suboxone seems to be really helping me thank you so much. free discount card

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