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Can you get pregnant while taking warfarin?

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Rajive Goel 5 Jul 2011

No, I answered your question earlier too.

DzooBaby 5 Jul 2011

I answered your other question as well. You DO NOT want to become pregnant while taking warfarin. It is life threatening to both mother and fetus! If you are sexually active and taking warfarin, you need to be on birth control! Warfarin is NOT birth control. It WILL NOT prevent pregnancy! Please talk to your Dr who prescribes the warfarin and let him know you are sexually active so you can be prescribed some kind of birth control. I would not rely on condoms only. There is too large a risk factor using condoms only. You will probably want another form of birth control in addition to condoms. If condoms are the only means available to you, then by all means use them, it is better than nothing. The BEST thing to do would be to abstain from sex while you are on the warfarin. It is the most reliable form of birth control (abstinance).

DzooBaby 5 Jul 2011

So, can you get pregnant while taking warfarin?-YES! SHOULD you get pregnant on warfarin?-NO!!! Absolutely not!

fairymagic 5 Jul 2011

thank you so much this helps alot!

fairymagic 5 Jul 2011

and i know warfarin is not a birth control.

niema_bryant18 19 Apr 2017

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