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Can you get perscribed adderall without pychiartic review?

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56texan 12 Oct 2010

You may be able to go to your family physician and get it that way, but as with my expirience if you're taking it because it really does help you; there may be more at stake than you realize. I thought I had ADHD because I was given some by a friend one night at a bar. I told her my problem, which for me when I don't take it I can't concentrate on one thing. It is a stimulant and it works very well. It worked for me. I went to my doctor and she, knowing me very well in that I don't abuse drugs, gave me a small daily dose 20mgs a day. But made me see a shrink for a physc. evaluation before she would give me any more. Turns out my ADHD wasn't really an issue. For me it's depression. I'm on Prozac now and I take 10 mgs of adderall when I need it. Point of my tale is get checked out if you're taking it because it helps you. It's a big party drug I know. I did abuse this one a little bit. Mainly so I could stay awake as I'm 32 and my ex is 24. She could stay going a lot longer than I could until adderall came into play. I don't recommend abusing this one at all though. After you sit up all night a few times because your heart feels like it is going to beat right outta your chest, it ain't no fun. free discount card

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