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Can you gain weight from MTX 20 mg and Humira. I take this for RA and PSA?

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Hickorynut 6 Oct 2010

Shorta, I have taken MTX in the past and at a high dosage I did not gain weight. I have never taken Humira, but I was on Enbrel for 2 1/2 yrs. I did not gain weight on it. You have to look at it differently now as the pain with RA and PSA is sometimes unbearable. After turning 65, I lost my private ins. and medicare does not pay for injections of this type ($2,100) monthly. So if you are able to take these drugs to relieve your pain and you gain a little weight so be it. Take the pain-free drugs and hit the gym or walk. Good luck to you..

MannyKb 7 Oct 2010

Thanks for your response. I am 70, do 1 hour every morning on the treadmill and use the diet and exercise to control type 2 diabetes. You're correct about the pain - sometimes its almost unbearable. I take an anti depressant, Cymbalta, for fibro and depression. It sounds as though that may be the culprit. I just don't want to have to take any more pills.
Thanks again for your input. I'll focus more on the Cymbalta.
Take care and all the best to you.

geekygranny 7 Oct 2010

Hey Shorta,

I have gained weight on anti depresants. But I don't think methotrexate and Humira has caused me to gain weight. I know that when I was on prednisone in the beginning I gained lots of weight and can't get it off now.

What other medications are you taking?


MannyKb 7 Oct 2010

I take Cymbalta which, based on some research and comments on this site, may be the culprit. I control my type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise so the weight gain is a concern for me. I'll explore that aspect for the weight gain.
Thanks very much for your input and time to respond to my question.
Take care. free discount card

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