So I am 18 years old and my body has been dependant on heavy doses percocet for probbly a year straight now. I quit probably a week ago and every time i have smoked weed since then i get extremely paraniod and scared and my perception on life changes till i come off the blaze. I also did some exstasy a while back, and had a bad fry. and i have heard of it messing with your brain chemicals and making it so you cant smoke weed for awhile. I have been trying to turn my life around and have now stopped doing all drugs all together now that i know how terrifying and horrible they really are. But the other night, about 5-6 days after i have stopped doing percocet I smoked a bowl with my friend and ate two weed cookies. (I did not see weed as a drug at that point, but after this experiance, i do now) My heart started to beat faster and faster and I became short on breathe and my perception on life became to change and i got really scared. My mom kept telling me my heart was beating normal and my breathing was fine which scared me more because i didn't know what was going on. She just kept saying "Why are you acting so calm and concerened about yourself" But i was SO certain i was not acting calm. My whole body hurt and my dad, being a former percocet addict came and calmed me down but i still was so certain i was going to die. I think he thought it was so bad i might of not woken up either. But i did, don't know if it was the combination of me not supposed to be smoking weed bc of the bad E and i was having withdrawals anyways but I am very confused. Last night it almost happened again but i had a lot more control over myself. I feel like this will never stop, And i regret even trying percocet one time. I get very scared almost and my whole idea about life changes for that point in time. Does anyone know what this might be because or does anyone have a related experiance? Or am i just F***ed for life because of my stupid decisions when i was young and uneducated?