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Can you eat after taking first dose of Xyrem.How long one should wait?

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kb08 15 Jun 2010

I know you have to wait 4 hrs. after you eat to take it. I suppose after you've taken it and your not asleep (as I sometimes am) I'd say 4 hrs.

rozeroz 30 Sep 2010

You should not eat after taking your first dose. In fact, I've found that xyrem does not work nearly as well if you've eaten too recently before taking it (as the last comment pointed out.) Also - it's very easy for me to take my first dose and fight through it's onset if I don't lie down right away. For that reason, it's much more effective if you take it and lie down right away. Even if you don't feel tired, it will work much better than if you continue to do anything (including eating) after taking it. Especially because the effects can set in suddenly, it's not the safest choice to eat or continue to do anything other than lying down where you will be sleeping. Even when I wake up in the morning, I can sometimes be a little groggy/clumbsy from the medicine. It's best to leave a full 4 hours for sleeping after each dose. free discount card

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