I was wondering if it is possible to dream whilst under general anesthetic? I had an emergency operation to remove the entire of my large intestine due to Ulcerative Colitis. It was my first operation and was 6 hours long. During the operation i had 4 blood transfusions and was told my heart stopped at one point.
When i woke up from the operation I had a really vivid memory of being in a white room on a bed with unbareable pain in my stomach, I could move my head a bit but nothing else and i was desperately trying to get off the bed and out of the room.
I couldn't breathe and was crying and saying I wanted to go but couldn't hear myself talking.
The nurses that had been with me when i went under were there and the guy that had put my epidural in was there too and they all kept saying 'don't move' and telling me to stay still and not too leave.
When I woke up i had bruises on my chest that weren't there before.
I told the nurses in recovery and they said it was just a dream.

Was just wondering if anyone knew whether it is possible to dream when you are under anesthetic or if you think I woke up?

Don't really mind either way, had 20 operations since with no dreams or issues and not scarred in anyway just curiosity really!