i had sexual intercourse with my husband about 2 to 3 months ago while i was on my period and every since then i have had a vaginal discharge with an odor . i tried just about everything i tried eves douche with scents to them,i tried refresh ph and refresh pro b,and viniger home douches and nothing seems to work .i even tried not having sex for a while .then i couldnt hold out much longer and my needs were calling. but while we were having sex he went from anal to vaginal could that be the reason why i have this discharge w/odor .or can it be that he has had sex with someone else and tracted the bacterial yeast infection and passed it on to me. i never ever had a yeast infection of any kind what so ever and i never had any stds what can i do and im trying to find the source of my problem to stop it from ever happening again