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Can you alternate hydrocodone 10mg, then Oxycodone 15mg?

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LaurieShay 23 Sep 2011

Hey billdance,

Yes, you could alternate these two medications as long as you don't take more than the daily prescribed maximum.


arcanoidcyst16 28 Sep 2011

right on point!!!

angielee 24 Sep 2011

If your dr. orders it. Let him know anytime you change oxycodone dose,times,pattern. most drs. who order it have patients sighn a form that they will and it would be a sad reason to lose good pain medicine. and yes- I've seen it happen.

arcanoidcyst16 28 Sep 2011

Yea it's like the federal government throw your life away form.I know what it is and yes eventually you will have to sign it.On the mixing part you should be fine as long as you are spacing them out and not taking both at the same time as it has the tendency to cause deep breathing and if taken to much could lead to respritory deppression and or death.Take care and as always be safe. free discount card

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