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Can we allow to smoke 8-10 cigrattes after taking pentasa on regular bases?

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Marvell 24 Jan 2011

I couldn't find any interaction between smoking (or nicotine) and taking Pentasa. It will be great if you didn't smoke (for other health reasons) but it's appears to be okay to smoke with Pentasa.,2336-947

caringsonbj 24 Jan 2011

I did also check and did not find interactions between the two things, as Marvell said it would be far greater for your health in general if you stopped this, my Dad started at age 13 (he was from the south and I have heard him talk about rolling his own) when he was 90 after bouts of copd which was mild compared to the other things he had one day he just said I am not going to do that any more, of course his illness was so far advanced that it didn't do what it would have done if he had stopped sooner but the point being he had improvement, not a lot but at least some, one thing I am going to tell you I think it was one of the things that heled him he would not allow himself to get out of them, he said there was something assuring just to know that it was available if he decided to, when he passed he had 4 packs left in his desk drawer I know this doesn't have anything to do with the original question but I just thought that maybe this might be something that might be of help to you, I wish you only the best free discount card

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