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Can vicodin help with leg cramps?

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FunctioningAddict 18 Sep 2011

yes it will temporarily help your leg cramps, my wife has lupus and when she has her period she will take only 1/2 because those things are strong aand you dont want to have to rely on them and believe me it can happen really quick.

britangeni 19 Sep 2011

how funni cuz im on my period too... but I took 2 vicodin last nite cuz I couldnt sleep from my bad leg cramps n I didnt have anything else I could take...

salsamae 28 Dec 2011

Yes! Vicodin will help! I have suffered from horrbile leg cramps for over ten years. Last year I fractured my shoulder, and was prescribed Vicodin for the pain. One night, after being awakened by leg cramps, I took a Vicodin for my shoulder, since it was hurting too. Shortly after taking it my leg cramps stopped too.

Since then, I keep a bottle of Vicodin by my bedside. I take one if I am awakened by a severe leg cramp, and it stops completely within five to ten minutes. It is truly the miracle drug I had been searching for for years! (Sounds corny, I know, but that's how I feel about it!)

Occasionally, the leg cramps will return in an hour or so, and I'll take another. I try not to take more than two a night, but if they are particularly bad I may have to. They always make the cramp go away. free discount card

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