My husband has severe psoriasis and it covers at least 30% of his body (a guess on my part). He uses Clobex and betamethasone. What would be a minor scratch on me results on him as a major cut with purple bruising around the site from 1/4 to 1/2 around the scratch. A light abrasion on him results in the removal of a thick layer of skin.

He asked one doctor about it and he said, "It's age. By the way, you should be taking an aspirin a day." He's 53! A PA told him it's nothing to worry about. A nurse at the clinic he goes to said, "It's the blood thinners" but he's not ON any blood thinners. So she made an appt. for him with the PA. He had blood tests for clotting factors, vitamin deficiencies and leukemia. All came back perfect. All levels in the middle of the normal ranges. They offered no explanation or plan for further investigation.

I read that Clobex shouldn't be used for more than 4 weeks. He's been on it for over a year. Is it safe to discontinue all medications? Should he continue treatment as the doctors prescribed? Should he be as unconcerned about the fragile skin as the doctors are? Help!