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Can u take injectable promethazine orally?

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Inactive 12 Jul 2010

Hi, if it is supposed to be injectable then that is the way it should be administered not orally, the same way around if it is meant to be given orally ..well you are not going to proceed and inject it.
This is the reason why there are different ways of using the medications , you must follow the indications on the packaging labels and very important follow Doctor´s order , which by the way I do not think you have seen one.
Otherwise you would not be asking this...
Before you do anything at all contact a Doctor that is why they exist!

Inactive 12 Jul 2010

How can you inject an injectable medicine orally. Don't do that. Promethazine comes in oral form. If you want to take it orally then ask for a script for it...

Inactive 12 Jul 2010

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Inactive 12 Jul 2010

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