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Can u drop clean using suboxone?

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Inactive 13 Jan 2011

I hope I am answering this the correct way, if you are asking if you will test positive for opiates while on suboxone, You won't. They wouldn't be able to check your progress if it tested positive for opiate, it only tests positive if they run a panel specifically for bupenorphine. Most employers and court systems don't check for it, DOT does.

pg039 13 Jan 2011

thxs so much,i am a recovering addict and i was just wondering becuz i have been drug-free for over 6months and sometimes i feel the urge is too strng for me,I am still at the stage where i don't trust myself.So a friend of mines told me about suboxone 8mg.I dont take the whole pill I break the pill in half after i break it in half i break half of the half therefore i have 2mg after that i take the2mg and take a pitch.literally a 8mg pill will last me at least a 2months just cuz i only use it if i have a really strong desire to use,so i was wondering will you test positive for opiates?and how long does suboxone stay in your system especially my system by me taking such a small dose?Cuz my job sometimes do random drug testing..

Inactive 13 Jan 2011

If I didn't answer correctly and this means can you get off suboxone without tapering it down first, then I would say no. It should be tapered off, to avoid withdrawal. If this was the answer, you can click on my name or avatar, and read my profile story and i tell how I tapered off without withdrawal, it can be done. free discount card

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