I was addicted to perk 30..was getting them for a accident for pain, legally. I weigh about 105 punds and my doctor had me on 6/ 30 mg perks a day (rococettes..cant spell) anyways ..long boring story short..wheni realized i was addicted and that i was taking them more for pleasure than pain..i made plans to go to a rehab in my area called SIlver Hill..very expesive... celeberties go there..top of the line (my poor parents), it was nicer than most hotels i have stayed at. Anyways... i continued taking my pills for 3 weeks till i had vacation time coming from work..and instead of going on vacation i went to rehab... fun fun fun!!! I went in there high as hell because of course i wanted to take as many pills as possible before i went since it would be my last time taking them..but scared as to what hell i had ahead of me. I had heard horror stories about opiate detox. When i got in there they gave me a choice of methadone or soboxone..at this time suboxone was very new..i know this becuase they doctor who asked me explained if i chose methadone i would have to do methadone maintence after i left, but if i chose suboxone, they could detox in my 5 day stay there and i would have to take no meds apon leaving. But they also told me that suboxone was a brand new drug and it was soo new that it had jst been approved for use and honestly i dont remember the details of the conversation which was about 7 years ago give or take..i just remmeber being nervous about taking it because of how new it was but i had decided anything was better than having to take methadone and have to do the maintence program. i was very nieve at this point because since then i have relapased enough times that i did methadone maintence for a year..and now back on suboxone. But my question is this: after chosing suboxone i was pleasently surprised that in my five day stay there i felt absulutley no withdrawal symptoms... maybe just tired ( which could have been the subs now that i thinik about it) and i left after 5 days feeling fine..and went home with no withdrwals symptoms at all..like i siad i was nieve back then so i could have possibly felt small withdrawals that i didnt know was withdrawals at the time..but i just rmemeber ing thinking this is it..this is what i have been so scared of ..it was apiece of cake even my mother was like you look great..so i dont understand now that i am on suboxone..how when i stop i will have to taper and there will be all these withdrawals..when at rehab they did a 5 day taper and i felt no discomfort at all during or after it. Now my question is because my boyfriend has a pill problem..and i know he wont do suboxone long term..( me i dont mind do it as a long term thing) but i have searched hours on line and havent heard or saw anyting about suboxone quick detox..everything is long term so to speak. But i know first hand that it is possible because 7 yrs ago..when i did it there wasnt even a option to take it home... it was only something u could do while inpatient. has anyone else heard anything abuut using suboxone to detox from perks or opiates..as a quick 5 day detox..is it possible to do it like that still..or was i maybe on a different form of suboxone back then because it was so new? i just know 100% i felt no withdrawals from my 5 day suboxone taper..that is proabably why going back was so easy a few years later because getting off for me for my first time was painless