times I take large quanities of tylenol as I am also addicted to pain killers.Not intentional. I am a victom of circumstance.Reguardless of reason I am trying to find ways to deal with a situation.I am left with signifacant pain after my back surgerys,and I have a hard time making my meds last all month.So I end up buying what ever is available on the street.Most of which have high levels of tylenol.Help! I am at the point of just trying to do with out all together, and my doctors says, I am trying to get out of being disabled not gonna happen. One of our members thinks I am looking for and easy way out I am looking for anyway out of this #######!web these doctors I trusted have got me climbing around n I am sick of this shit. Thanks to all the publicity these oh so wonderful oxycontin I take have gotton over the yrs .naturally my childer look at me as some sort of herion addict and beleive me there is a signifacant difference in taking pills and shooting herion as I just left detox where they tryed to put me on suboxone well about two weeks into that and I firgured out this was another pile of shit as I feel that is merely away to increase your opiate level and make people think your trying to help yourself,If you new what I know youll leave that alone!!! Im shocked that more parents arent trying to get that banned coruse the people taking arent gonna tell you this they dont want you to know there dirty little secrets. takes and idiot to take that bait and I am far from gone yet!!! Merely climbing another mountain.