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Can topicort cure scabies?

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itsmetoo2 25 Feb 2010

I researched your question and I found this:

"The potency of the medication is determined by several factors including:

•The active ingredient used
•The concentration
•The formulation (cream, ointment or gel)
For instance, a medication with 2% concentration of hydrocortisone is more potent than a medication with 1% hydrocortisone. Similarly, 2% hydrocortisone ointment may be more potent than 2% hydrocortisone cream.

The potency of an ointment is often greater than other formulations because the ointment keeps the skin hydrated, helping the medication to penetrate to deeper layers. Creams, because they absorb more quickly, have greater cosmetic appeal for most people so are often used on the face. Foams and solutions are useful for penetrating hair-bearing areas, such as the scalp.

Examples of different corticosteroid strengths:

Group 1 (I) Superpotent

•Clobetasol, 0.05% (Clobex, Temovate)
•Clobetasol Foam 0.05% (Olux and Olux E)
•Fluocinonide 0.1% (Vanos)
•Halobetasol 0.05%, (Ultravate)
Group 2 (II) Potent

•Desoximetasone, 0.05% (Topicort gel)
•Desoximetasone, 0.25% (Topicort cream, ointment)
•Diflorasone diacetate 0.05% (Psorcon cream)
•Fluocinonide 0.05% (LIdex)
•Halcinonide, 0.1% (Halog) "

itsmetoo2 25 Feb 2010

"Corticosteroids can also cause some skin conditions to worsen, including rosacea, fungal infections, and scabies. If used for longer than one month, they can create additional skin disorders including perioral dermatitis and “steroid acne.” Speak to your doctor if your condition worsens while on treatment."

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