In severe pain, I have 10ml of bupivacaine, single dose, in an unopened vial. My wife is a nurse, and knows how to give the shot. How long will it block my lower back pain, and how deep should the shot go? I do not want to go close to my spine whatsoever. How strong a dose should we use? I have been on oxycontin for many years, and have a strong tolerance for opiates and narcotics. I have had 3 spinal surgeries, no further surgery is possible. Desperate right now, but in 2 months I can see a specialist, no sooner. I am serious, this is the only alternative I have at this time. How strong should we start the shots out as? It hurts me to breathe, and I have no alternative right now. Have 3 ruptured discs, but can't do anything now. This may just get me through til the neurosurgeon visit in 8 weeks. No alternative right now. If I don't get any advice, I WILL go at this on my own. Will not be talked out of it.

Very serious, this is NOT a joke, not humor.

Thank you.