i am prescribed 15 mg oxy 5x day and 30 mg oxy at night which i was taking for a week before and during this test i had also taken maybe 8mg iv dilaudid the two days before the test. the sad part is i quit and went back on my subs. i had a lil lapse and happen to get tested on it. was taking subs prior to this. will the rx i have for oxy's cover me on the nida 9 or am i about to be fired? i dont plan on refilling my oxy i plan on staying on the subs. if they tested me today id be clean. i guess i only have myself to blame. but it sucks. id hate to have to go thru somekind of drug rehab program when im clean at present. it was a huge lapse in judgement one im gonna regret for life. any advise or insight on how this might play out and how i should handle to dr when i call them back in the am. or should i put it off a couple more days and try n get a couple more days of work in. im praying work will agree to retest me and my rx will be accepted and this will be the end of it and i can stay on the path. i will never stray again. not after this. i feel like god is punishing me for my weakness and ive let my whole family down. everyone depends on my income. i wanna kill myself right now. (not literally) but really self loathing.