My 14 yr old granddaughter is on Ritalin and now we find out she is also on speed. She nows has bad mood swings, is very daring, has run away from home twice. She is now in a group home and seems to do fine, she gets up very early to take the subway and a bus to her regular(about 30 miles away) and returns to the group home on time, she is neither a problem a school or at the group home and has not missed any of her classes.

When she goes home(on overnight visits) she needs things her own way, needs them now or else she runs away(yesterday she was bored at home, and wanted to go back to the group home now, when asked to wait for the traffic to subside and be driven back, she took off and called my daughter at 1.00 am because the subway was closed and she could find a way to get to the group home). We don't where she was from 5.30 pm to 1.00 am. We are trying to find out is she could be having a reaction to the medications taken when on speed or could she be bipolar, she is very high or very low. Before last summer she was an ideal child.

Can someone gives an idea as what to do.