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Can the topamax be taken in combination with Depakote for the weight gain?

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Marvell 13 Jul 2011

I realize this answer is very late ... but may help someone else.

There is a known interaction between Depakote and Topamax but may not be clinically significant if you are monitored. Please see link below for details about the interaction.,2216-1469

wandaer 23 Feb 2013

Hello, I take Depakote and have for almost 30 yrs, and my Dr has added Topamax 200mg per day to my for seizure control. Which it did control them because I was unstable.
I went into pre-menopause, and started having seizures like 3 a week and thats when she added the Topamax.
So I do not think it is that bad of a interaction. Yet I have not lost any weight.


tinks1107 26 Apr 2013

As someone who has taken Topamax for years (maxed at 1200mg currently) and recently put on Depakote also for my Seizures. I warn you to be cautious. I'm on multiple meds for Seizures, Intracranial Hypertension, and Papellidema. But the Topamax has caused kidney damage thus far and unfortunately is a medication I cannot go without. It has caused mood swings, changes in my menstrual cycle, sleep pattern, eating habits, made my migraines worse, caused nausea, made me exhausted during the day, and made my body have chronic aches and pains. And now since starting the Depakote... I've noticed that some of the annoying or bothersome issues have increased in severity. And on top of it, I now have to have my liver tested every 3 months. I take Potassium chloride, Vitamin D, Lipator, and Calcium all because of Topamax. It has risen my cholesterol. Lowered my calcium ridiculously. As well as my Vitamin D. I would just caution anyone while on both or one of these meds to consult their physicians. And have regular blood work while on them. free discount card

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