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Can the fentanyl patch be taken off for a bath and the same patch put back on?

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Inactive 6 Oct 2009

Try not to do that because you will have trouble trying to get it to restick for one thing. It is ok to leave it on while you bathe or shower.

Psyched 8 Oct 2009

You can use medical tape to help it stick once you finish bathing. It works well.

jeepthang76 25 Mar 2012

I have never taken it off for a bath but have had to take it off while applying due to bubles or wrinkles in the placement. It doesn't stick at all once you remove it & try to replace it ( at least on me, everyone is different) I have tried the surgical tape on approach and that didn't help either. I found the big band aids put on nice & tight keep it on for the full 72 hours. Hope that helps! free discount card

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