I was diagnosed with general neuropathy (whole body) and assumed this was causing the debilitating pain in my legs, feet and lower back (I am not diabetic or have thyroid problems). Sometimes I cannot get up or walk and am extremely tired. My recent blood test shows I have stage 3 kidney problems but my high cholesterol and triglycerides have decreased substantially after taking Trilipix for 14 months. I told my Dr. about the pain many times and she prescribed Oxycodone and Triazolam for sleep (because of the pain) which I try not to take unless absolutely necessary. I have high blood pressure and am taking Clonidine and Lisinopril/HCTZ. I have serious side effects with most medications and did not have this pain when I first started taking Trilipix so I thought I was O.K.. I do not drink or use recreational drugs and for the most part eat pretty healthy (although I am 15% overweight). I need help.