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Can the depo contraceptive jab cause the skin between front & back to split?

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bipolar4life 14 Apr 2011

u mean the depo shot for birth control? no way hon i was on it for years and years and never had a problem with mmy skin. just a little poke. I would call your pharmacy and also the doctor who administered it to u
good luck hon lol janymak

tmc2306 15 Apr 2011

I've been having the jab for the last 6 years, but I think I've been experiencing side effects.
I've seen my GP, 3 different consultants and still I get splits between front & back passage.
I was wondering whether there was a link between medical issue & the depo jab???

LaurieShay 14 Apr 2011

Hey tmc,

Can you explain further what you are experiencing? The injection of depo provera should not cause a problem of skin splitting. If what you describe is an open wound then please get medical attention.

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