My wife is planning a switch from synthriod to armour thyriod. We are hoping to reverse the side effects of the synthriod; hair loss, weight gain ect. The doctor prescribed 75 mg armour. According to the conversion table I got from Forrest labratories (the armour manufacturer) 75 mg armour equals 125 mcg synthriod. My wife takes 112 mcg of synthriod. Can the 13 mcg over hurt her? Our other option is to take the 60 mg armour in which equals 100 mcg of synthriod and that would be 12 mcg too little. Armour I've found is only available in 15, 30, 60, and so on doses. Cutting pills is not an option because they are small and not scored and I don't want to take the chance on the unreliable dosing. Her doctor ordered blood work in 6 weeks and plans on checking her frequently to make sure she is were she needs to be. I know we are not the first people down this path. According to some of the testimonials about armour I don't think we are making a bad decision. I'd guess this is a common problem people would have so if there is anyone who has had this problem any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.