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Can taking guaifenesin cough syrup heighten blood pressure?

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DzooBaby 11 May 2011

It shouldnt if it is plain guaifenesin. If it has a decongestant with it then it will raise blood pressure.

Inactive 11 May 2011

Gosh, thank you Dzoo, I am having to take guaf/dextamathorphan syrup, and also psuedophed tablets due to incredibly bad allergies to tree pollen, I am almost drowning in congestion. All of the sudden my bp was up, I had managed to get it to normal thru walking and cutting back on salt. I suspected this was the cause but wasn't sure. I didn't take any yesterday trying to see if I could get it back down. It isn't real high, but I can feel it when it is and have been checking it and it is running high, restarted my lisinopril. I can't take the over the counter stuff they replaced the psuedophed with, phenylsomething or other, it speeds my heart up and nearly makes me faint.

DzooBaby 11 May 2011

Yes, pseudoephedrine and what is the other phenylepherine? Both are notoriuous for raising B/P. They both make my heart race and make my head/scalp feel like bugs are crawling on it-uhggg! I wont take unless I have extremely bad sinus headaches!

Inactive 11 May 2011

Yeah, like I said, I am almost drowning from the congestion, I work cutting hair and have to be able to not cough not stop, sneeze non stop and also need to talk to people without either of these things happening. It was so bad last spring I had to go get a steroid shot. I stopped the syrup and psuedo for now, just took some generic claritin. I am NOT running a fever and don't seem sick ( contagious) in any other way. My poor handi capped room mate had to be hospitalized for his allergy and COPD symptoms last week and was put on steroids and a nebulizer/albuterol. I know it is not just me, but I really had gotten my bp under control by walking, it was even low one day. I am just going to have to suffer some til the oak, pecan, pine trees and grass quit shedding so much pollen, or it rains really hard. Thanks so much tho. Pattishan

DzooBaby 12 May 2011

Allergies are SOOOO bad right now all across the country! It's crazy! free discount card

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