My "compulsion" is having remnants of what used to be my "perfectionism". Now I only try to be neat, orderly, and organized in a general sense. My "obsessions" are based on a having flight of ideas on what I should be doing with my time, e.g., doing household chores, browsing on the computer, following the news by radio, TV, and Internet, budgeting, adding physical conveniences to improve our living conditions, and making lists (near-term and long-term) of what I think I should be doing. This results in an obsession to finish a task no matter the time of day. Therefore, I get liittle sleep and my daily "schedule" is generally almost 180 deg from normal, i.e., work at night and sleep (nap/doze) during the day. This behavior seems to have been enhaced since I started taking only 0.25 mcg/day of synthroid about six months ago for a slighly hypoactive thyroid, as determined by a routine blood test. So I'm wondering, can there be a relationship between the OC behavior and the synthroid?