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Can sulfatrim be used for abscess on tooth?

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15 May 2011

Many people are allergic to sulfa and if you click on the drugs a to z tab under the logo on this site, it lists a few other conditions that people might have who should not take sulfa. You can try this if you have no alternative and you are NOT allergic, it probably isn't the first line of treatment for an abcessed tooth though. I realize it is the weekend and you may be desperate. Try swishing some warm salty water in your mouth as well. There is also a mouth rinse called Biotene that is over the counter and available at most mass retail stores and drug stores, it will be cheaper at the mass retail stores, I know both Wal-mart and Target carry it, it is about $6 or less where I live for it. It does NOT have alcohol, it is natural enzymes that heal mouth sores.If you can, call your dentist Monday, your doctor might help you if you don't have a dentist you can call. You can also take advil or aleve if it is hurting you. Hope you get some relief soon, Pattishan

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