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Can suboxoxne be used for pain?

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Inactive 2 Sep 2010

Absolutely not.I have had chronic pain for over 2years. My pain dr prescribed me every narcotic with no long term relief. That caused me to see a lot of other drs.for more pills. I got caught by my pain dr two days ago, cold turkey. I am trying to get in a methadone program because my pain dr does not prescribe it. All the clinics have waiting lists and I am dying from withdrawal. Methadone is great for pain. Reserch it. Dontcha let anyone tell you subs work for pain. They can only be prescribed off label for it cause the FDA has not approved it. Your w/ds will be horrible. I feel so sorry for you when though I am too sick to type ths, had to stop you from getting on subs. God Bless and Good luck. Keep me posted. Its good support for us

dmfdjttor57 3 Sep 2010

i am very sorry that you are going thru withdrawls, i would not wish that on anyone, but you are incorrect about the suboxene, it does help w/pain and now that the FDA has approved a suboxene patch made specifically for pain called Butran, without the Naltrexone that makes you so sick if you take it with opiates in your system, there is pain help with Suboxene, and even when taken in order to get off of the other opiates, it helps with pain when you are finally on it and off of everything else. I wish you the best on finding a methadone clinic. I take methadone for pain and it is prescribed from my Dr. and believe me, I am not looking forward to getting off of it when I finally have my surgeries and will need to quit taking something this strong and this potent for my pain.

dmfdjttor57 4 Sep 2010

I am feeling rather foolish for giving information that is not completely correct regarding the Suboxene. Years ago, Suboxene was made w/out any of the Naltrexone in it and could be taken immediately to help someone with pain and also to bring someone OUT of withdrawls. My best friend, who has been on oxycodone for a couple of years due to a botched surgical infusion, just came home from 4 day stint at a detox center that she went to in order to get off of the oxycodone. It was my understanding that she would have to go through the 3 days of misery while waiting for the oxycodone to get out of her system before she got the suboxene, but no, the first night she was there, they had suboxene for her and she did not need it yet.

Inactive 4 Sep 2010

I was on subutex, not suboxone. The dr. that gave it to me chose it because I am treated for depression. The suboxone is known to cause or intensify depression. I read that in the pharmacologica insert that comes with all drugs. You know the folded up little white paper mostly everyone throws away. Also he felt reasonably assured that I would not try to inject it. I guess because he had all my medical records and being a 53 yr old woman, didnt look like i had access to street drugs. I dont have access and havent had for a long time. I live in Pittsburgh Pa and if i could find anything on the street to help me till I could get in a methadone program I would buy it in a second.
That's what makes me feel worse, all these other addicts on the clinics wait list can still get their drug of choice and not suffer like a rabid animal like I am.

dmfdjttor57 3 Sep 2010

I would definitely disregard the last answer you received, i couldn't even tell what the person was trying to say, little own what they meant about getting caught, but i'm not here to talk about others. Suboxene was approved by the FDA long ago and yes, it certainly can be used for pain. If someone is taking another opiod, they need to have that completely out of their system and then they are able to go on the suboxene, as it contains naltrexone, which, if you take it while you have another opiate in your system will definitely put you into severe withdrawls. BUT, and here is the good news, the FDA has just approved a Suboxene patch, called Butran, it does not contain the Naltrexone and is used simply for pain, not to help people get off of other opiates, which i believe the other person was speaking of when so adamant about suboxene not to be used for pain.

RSDHurtzme 5 Sep 2010

It is now generally preferred over any use of Methadone especially for withdrawal symptoms. I personally feel both Methadone and Suboxone are as dangerous as any opiate pain medication so if addiction is your primary concern verses using other opiates for pain, you may want to stick to your pain meds. If you have no choice but to go through withdrawals I have heard it does make withdrawals much easier.
Last year I was off of my strong narcotic pain med for over 3mos with nothing to help withdrawals. I was an idiot for doing this as I could've had seizures or even died.
Even though my doctor offered my pain meds back to me (after seeing a doctor there I had never met who ripped up my scripts in front of me saying I didn't have this disease I had dealt with for over 10yrs then), I refused them for over 3mos until I realized that after detoxing my pain was intolerable and the disease that caused it had worsened more than I knew over the years. free discount card

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