I was using .8-a gram a day of 'H' and never had problems with my stomach. I got away from 'H' and methadone and was put on suboxone. I took 3, 8mg tabs a day and weened myself over the course of 18 mths, now I'm on day 8-no suboxone;) In this time I always felt so off, just never did feel right on suboxone, plus I was always getting sinus infections, jitters, super cold, headaches, mono, and the last 3-4 months of my tapper off of suboxone I became more sick than I have EVER been, and I KNOW what sick feels like! It started off with a sinus infection that the docs didn't treat right away, then it moved into my abdominal area, bladder, then kidney's. In fact one of my kidney's is now a nub as a result of all this. But still the docs are not concerned, they say that one can live with one kidney.

Point is that the abdominal pain for me is at times, sharp, stabbing, cramping, and burning. For me this all has remained for a full 3 1/2- 4 mths, not one day of relief. I was on my very last leg of weening from suboxone when the abdominal stuff started. I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen with them? FYI-I am on day 8 of no suboxone. The longer I go with out the better I feel. I am still feeling the stomach and flank pain but it each day it lessens just a bit more, like a degree or two.

Sometimes I wonder if this is/was withdrawal, or if it was something worse. Has anyone else had these sorts of symptoms while on Suboxone or during wd's?

Thanks! I'd love your opinions!