i am on like 20 perscriptions, i take suboxone since 6-2010 abd have positively sober since 10-10-2010. i also take colonpin, seleexa/ saraquil, , carbodiapene , neurotin , ib profen 800, prilosec, i just recently was hospitalized for three weeks and had a surgerry for empyemia, severe lung infection i only took non narc up until the surgery then was on pain pump iv dillutaid, against my will, but had not much choice... was off that by 5th day in full w/drawl, even though i asked them to w/drawl me correctly. left w/ lidocaine, ultram, ib profen 800, fenegan for nausea, flowfent steroid, albuteral inhaler, zoponex, calcium, i am currecntly on z-pak. tesslen pearls, please can all this cause a false positived for coccaine?? i did not use and my po sd iti is positive for coccaine... horrified... alone, mother of three, just trying to go right and that cant even happpen