Help... my 14 yr. old daughter has been battling psoriasis since she was 6 months old. She is under the care of a derm. We have tried everything under the sun, such as Phototheraphy, talconex, etc. She started taking Strattera at age 7... it worked wonders with helping her focus. This past year she stopped taking the strattera. Her grades remained very good, so we kept her off. The only HUGE change was her skin. This entire year (since stopping the Strattera) her skin has erupted like it never has. Currently, her skin resembles a burn victim with 80 percent scarring. Her body is covered, except for her hands and face (thankfully). She is a gorgeous girl and it is heartbreaking for me to watch her skin worsen with each week. The BIG QUESTION::: Does anyone know of any connection between PSORIASIS and STRATTERA? Please send me ANY feedback you might have on this topic! Thank you!!