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Can someone tell me when the lethargic and wd"s go away after stopping vicodin?

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Jillynnie 27 Sep 2011

it can vary from person to person. I also think it depends on how much and how long you were taking the medication.

One time I spent over 3 weeks practically unable to get out of bed. I have heard stories of longer and shorter lengths of time.

Did you stop taking it cold turkey or did you taper? Had you been on it for a long time? Did your doctor have you stop? Not trying to be nosy, just thinking of some things that would help with determining the length of time.
Also, if your doctor did have you stop, you should speak to him about this. Sometimes, not always, depression can set in. You need to be aware of how you are feeling also.

Hope this helps,

Inactive 28 Sep 2011

Hi grace34,
I agree with Jillynnie on this. Would you be so kind as to answer those questions, as we can better answer your Q with that much needed info.
Best wishes grace,

Coby416 28 Sep 2011

Without knowing all of the details I will tell you what I do know from experience. We took pain killers like Vicodin for long periods of time. Our bodies were engergized at first and were very use to the symptoms of taking the pills. Now we want off. It is asking the body and the mind to reboot and rethink all together differently. We all can agree for the most part, taking a pill always brought instant gratification. It is just the opposite when we stop. It seems like after we go through all the withdrawals, restless legs, upset stomach, spending 5 to 10, 20 times a day on the tolilet, night after night of not sleeping, we want to say ok enough, why dont I feel better??? I know how you are feeling, but it takes time. It will come, energy long lost to the high if you will, will be reborn. Stay with it and be patient. No one knows when you will feel that energy again, feel like dancing the night away. It is different for all of us.

Jillynnie 28 Sep 2011

I agree with Coby regarding exercise! When it comes time for me to taper from the subs I will need to exercise to help regain my strength as well as the needed endorphins to feel better. It will be very important to start this regime BEFORE I begin my taper as it will need to be a habit. I used to weight train and got up to go to the gym at 4:30am in the morning, make the drive to the gym to have my workout done before getting my daughter up for school. Sounds like a crazy lot of work on paper, but I had made it so much a part of my daily routine that I thought nothing of it. In fact, felt sluggish if I DIDN'T rise and shine before the birds and get moving to the gym.
I will need to do something l like this again prior to my taper so that by the time I do begin reducing my intake it will already be a part of the 'norm'.

Hope this helps!
~Jillynnie free discount card

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