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Can someone tell me if the fda is taking soma off the market and why?

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6 Aug 2011

I would suggest you try and contact DzooBaby on this platform, I do remember reading a post about Soma.

Hope you get your answers?

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7 Aug 2011

I know that in some states Soma's are scheduled at level IV. I've heard of legislation in other countries to ban soma from the market but not here in the USA.

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8 Aug 2011

I have heard rumors that Soma is supposed to come off the market as soon as sometime this year. The reason is because carisoprodol breaks down into meprobromate which is the same drug as Miltown which was removed from the market some time ago because of its addictive properties. There are many drugs other than Soma that can be used that do the same job as a muscle relaxant that are not so addictive. Really Soma is more of a sedative than a muscle relaxant. It doesnt act on the muscles at all. It is the sedation properties that relax you. Many European countries have already removed Soma from their markets and US will most likely soon follow. I have not heard of any actual dates for this to be done by. It was early this year that I heard that it will probably be removed some time this year.

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caringsonbj 8 Aug 2011

the ;ast time I was in the doctors office I know the RN and I had a conversation about this because we've seen it here and I did wonder she said it is suppose to be removed sometime this year but she didn't know specifics as to when.

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