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Can someone please tell me what a generic 60 mg oxycontin look likes?

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duckworthy 4 Nov 2009

Dear Motocrossman,

The 60mg dose is part of the new "suite" of OxyContin dosages placed on the market by its manufacturer, Purdue Pharma, the other dosages being 5, 15, and 30mg. The 60mg tablets are red, and have the same diameter as the lower dosages, but are slightly smaller in diameter than the greenish 80mg tablets. (FYI - the 160mg dose was a blue, oblong pill or "caplet", but is no longer distributed in the U.S.)

Like all other brand-name OxyContin strengths, one side of the 60mg tablet is inscribed with its strength, 60, and the opposite side with OC.

Hope this helps.


motocrossman 5 Nov 2009

Yes duck i know that im just wondering about the generic not the purdue brand thanks for ur help

duckworthy 5 Nov 2009

Dear Motocrossman,

Oops! I totally missed the word "generic" in your question! I apologize - boy, do I feel like an idiot!

Perhaps I missed it because there currently isn't a generic version of the 60mg tablet. There might once have been, and if so, it likely would have followed the pattern of all other generic OxyContins I have seen by having the same color (red) as the 60mg brand name.

motocrossman 5 Nov 2009

duck thx very much for ur invaluable knowledge the reason I ask is 5 yrs ago I had a major stomach reconstruction "badly ulcererated" so I am sensitive to some meds up until 2 yrs ago I worked as the vice pres. of a large construction firm as the result of an idiot at work I am now into my 3rd back surgery with the plate screws and all the sweet stuff and I suffer a great deal of pain due to this and the "wonderful" insurance company who so gratefully took many dollars from my 6 figure salary wants to sweep me under a rug now so I dont mant to sound angry but I dont feel any remorse when they pay 6 to 8 hundred a month on me and the purdue brand brings me very much needed relief again thank u very much and hope u have a great day free discount card

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