Ive just about had it.im suffering everyday from not having any pain pills except the ones that r being sent to me from family back home.the mayo system stinks & im having a hard time finding a dr.that will treat me.ive been in the stress unit because of it.i have now llined up drs for eveything excuding gynocology to physc.im out of my xanax for panic & aniety.the only thing th8is 11 dr gave me refils for is estrogin and priolosec.i have a leison on my brain ,fibomyalgia,rods & pins also a plate in my hip.i can barely walk @ times.if i go inot sever withdrawls my heart starts to fail.im so worried.i have an aprt with a pmr next week.how do i convience her to put me back on my pain meds without her judging me.can i get any meds off line with out a script?can someone inbox me if u have anyother soloutions.this may sound bad but im willing to go far & beyond until i can get a dr that helps me.i dont abuse my meds.they keep accusing me of using weed.the other dr knew it was from my fentynl & oxcodone.help!