I've been on Vicodin 7.5mg 3x a day for about 8 months. I would like to go ahead and start the detox process. I have about 8 pills left until my next prescription which I cant pick up for another 3 weeks... the reason I am so low is because I get prescribed 60 a month but my hubby is also an addict... sad but true. Anyway here's my situation

I have 8 pills left
I have 80 .5mg of klonopin that I dont ever take
And I have Fioricet. 30 of those.

I tried jumping to 2 a day and my RLS and Pain, sleepless nights, the runs, saddness, etc was pretty bad... I just want some advice on how to detox with less detox symptoms...

Mind you I have already detoxed once before from percs... I know..I should know better... Thanks to anyone who may have a pill schedule for me and do Fiorcet help with withdrawal?